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Wine 3.0 RC2/ Wine 2.0.3 Stable [Updated] Free Download

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Wine 3.0 RC2/ Wine 2.0.3 Stable [Updated] Free Download

Wine 3.0 RC2/ Wine 2.0.3 Stable [Updated] Free DownloadWine 3.0 RC2/ Wine 2.0.3 Stable stands for “Wine is not an emulator, open” and it is a source that openly associated with Windows API and can help you run DOS and Windows programs on Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris. The above means that the Wine PC software will allow them to run applications which are designed to be installed only on Microsoft Windows systems for regular Linux users. Wine Mac provides compatibility that is binary noise interaction, support for visuals, as well as help for modems, networks, pills, scanners, keyboards, and other products.

The program’s API allows developers to integrate Wine in their jobs, and as a result, many users that are graphical, both free and commercial, showed up on the Internet through the years. Wine Linux includes different GUI like PlayOnLinux, Crossover, Bordeaux, Q4Wine, Pipelight, WineXS, Swine and wine tricks are a number of the many wines that are popular (Graphical User Interface) front-ends on Linux. On Mac OS X the Wineskin can be utilized by you, os wine builder and WineBottler apps. Also, the application is not only supported regarding the Linux platform, as it’s too appropriate for other operating that is POSIX-compliant, such as BSD (PC-BSD, FreeBSD), OpenSolaris, and Mac OS X.

Wine 3.0 RC2/ Wine 2.0.3 Stable [Updated] Free Download

Wine Stable

Here you will find the applications and games of Windows which have received improvements in Wine 1.8.7 for Linux. Games for Windows include CodeCreatures, Hitman: FIFA 2000 Demo, bloodstream Money, Runaway, Runaway 2, Halo, Unreal Tournament 3 (uninstaller), Grand Theft car: Vice City, Helldivers, Highway Pursuit, ToCA Race Driver 3 and Hearthstone. Windows applications that should function better with Wine on your own Linux operating system include DVDSubEdit 1.52, Process Hacker 2.31, Visual Web Developer Express 2008, The Windows Live Essentials 2011 web installer, OneDrive for Business in Windows 8 mode, MediaMonkey 4.1.x in Vista + mode, WinAuth 3.5.1 (32-bit),, also several .NET 4.0 applications.

Wine 3.0 RC2/ Wine 2.0.3 Stable Benefits:

  • It’s Open Source Software. Consequently, it may extend by you to work for you or get one of many companies take action for you.
  • Can help you make use of all the UNIX high points (stability, freedom, remote administration) while still utilizing the Windows applications you rely upon.
  • It’s also used to create windows which can be existing available on the Web by using VNC and its particular Java/HTML5 client.
  • UNIX has continually managed to make it possible to write scripts that are powerful. Wine makes it possible to call Windows applications from scripts. That may additionally leverage the UNIX environment to its full extent.
  • Makes it economical to use clients that are thin. Just install this app on a Linux server, and voila, you can access these Windows applications from any X terminal.
  • Makes it possible to access Windows applications remotely. Even if they are a couple of thousand miles away.

Wine 3.0 RC2/ Wine 2.0.3 Stable Features:

Binary Adaptability:

  • Packs Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8, Windows 3.x, and DOS programs plus libraries.
  • Made for POSIX operating that is compatible (e.g., Linux and FreeBSD).
  • Win32 memory that is consistent, exception handling, threads, and processes.


  • X11-based illustrations allow display that is remote any X terminal.
  • Printing via PostScript legacy or driver native Win16 printer drivers.
  • X11, TrueType (.ttf/.ttc) also Windows Bitmap (.fon) Fonts.
  • Improved Metafile (EMF) and Windows Metafile (WMF) driver.
  • Windows MultiMedia (WinMM) layer support with built-in codecs.
  • Desktop-in-a-box or windows that are mixable.

Provide Windows program to the interface:

  • Multi-lingual keyboards and CJK input technique support via XIM.
  • Sound devices via ALSA, OSS, JACK, Core Audio, lab audio, etc.
  • Modems, serial products.

API Coverage and Portability:

  • Designed for source and compatibility that is binary Win32 code.
  • Compliable on a range that is wide of compilers.
  • Win32 API test suite to ensure compatibility.
  • Site compiler.
  • Automatically generated API documentation.
  • IDL compiler.
  • Message Compiler.

System Requirements:

  • It supports Windows XP, 2003 Server, Vista, 2008 Server, 2008 R2 Server, 7 and also Windows 8 operating system.


Taking into consideration the fact that the Linux and Open Source software ecosystem is thriving with many alternatives to conventional Windows apps, we feel obligated to suggest Wine, and then those of you who are tight to an application that certainly has no correspondent within the Linux globe.

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