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Tencent PC Manager 12.3.26600 For Windows + Mac Free

Tencent PC Manager 12.3.26600 For Windows + Mac Free


Tencent PC Manager 12.3.26600 For Windows + Mac Free

Tencent PC Manager is an antivirus that is free that provides the necessary protection for your PC against a myriad of insects – viruses, spyware components, malware and rootkits. It now offers options for scanning all USB products attached to the computer. The applying comes with the conventional one that is feature-set expect from such an instrument, along with a user-friendly PC software screen that causes it to be comfortable even for everyone with little PC abilities to take advantage of its functions.

Tencent PC Manager Download on four scanning engines (Tencent Cloud Protection, Antivirus Engine II Tencent, Tencent and BitDefender System Repair), ensuring protection that works well of on your computer against understood and unknown viruses, also hacker assaults. It also offers a filter that is anti-phishing link scanner, the secure process for surfing the Web and protect the image captured by the webcams.

Tencent PC Manager Free Download

Default enables the Autorun function. What this means is that Tencent PC Manager will launch at startup? The Self-defense function is enabled by default too. This feature is intended to protect against Trojan attacks. Tencent Computer Manager provides protection that is real-time viruses. Two security modes can obtain: Default enables expert and Mode that is familiar latter). You can run scans that are on-demand see if there are any dilemmas with your PC. Three kinds of scans are available: Quick, Custom and Full Scan. By performing a Quick Scan on my PC, Tencent PC Manager found a problem with Internet Explorer and quickly repaired it.

Tencent PC Manager Latest Download scans faster, uses fewer system resources and protects you in real-time by instantly identifying and blocking threats that are brand new soon because they arrive. In fact, Tencent PC Manager accepted a 100% detection price from VB100 Labs. Tencent PC Manager 12 Free not only protects your system from unwelcome intrusions, viruses, as well as other malware, nonetheless it also includes anti-phishing, link scanner, secure browsing, webcam protection, USB protection, and detection that is hacking.

Tencent PC Manager for Windows Download

The scan that done on the PC will not only scan the documents and programs set up but also keeps an eye on open processes and actions which can be background such as items which are configured in the first place the computer unnecessarily, and that may be Leaving this work slower. It could be left to run silently in the background providing you with real-time protection and can be easily configured to target specific aspects of concern – retain in mind that Tencent PC supervisor is a bit hefty on the RAM. Tencent PC controller can continuously monitor your machine for an indication of an internet download performed, once detected it ill investigates the file thoroughly and notify you any danger that is potential may contain.

Tencent PC Manager Download offers a quarantine to segregate any malicious threats that may discover in addition to a hand log that is scan reference. In the settings of this program, you will look for a broad array of options to choose from, such as for instance download protection, real-time scanning, and even the whitelist manager (list of apps and documents you want to trust entirely). The program already comes pre-configured. However, it is good to review all the options before continuing the usage.

Tencent PC Manager 12.3.26600 For Windows + Mac Free


Tencent PC Manager has the following engines that are antivirus:

  • Cloud protection engine – able to identify viruses that are brand new Trojans.
  • Antivirus engine II – efficiently detects viruses.
  • Avira economic antivirus engine – Avira’s antivirus engine that is award-winning.
  • System repair engine – fixes issues caused by viruses and Trojans.

The first aspects of Tencent PC Manager:

Shield of the Internet (web protection)

  • Online Payment Shield – protection of online payment.
  • Search Protection – Protection in web search.
  • Link Scanner – checks and blocking of malicious and URLs that are phishing.
  • Web protection PC that is Tencent Blocks malicious and phishing websites in the Google Chrome browser (32-bit).
  • It also supports Mozilla Firefox (only 32-bit), Opera and Internet Explorer.

Shield the operational system (System Protection)

  • File System Shield – File Anti-Virus.
  • Process Shield – protection process.
  • Registry Shield – Protection Registry.
  • Hacking Detection – burglary protection.
  • Drive Shield – protection of drivers.

Shield the Application (Application Protection)

  • Desktop Icon Shield – protection associated with the desktop shortcut.
  • Download Shield – protection from malicious packages.
  • Camera Shield – Web camera protection.

System Requirements:

Compatibility with this antivirus protection software may vary but will run fine supporting Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista and XP on both a 32-bit or setup that is 64-bit. An x64 that is divide may be possible from Tencent.


Tencent is careful and risky. I shall not install it anymore. During its install, it drops various undesired “QQ” modules or files. And they have lousy virus total score as adware and PUP and spyware. As a result of these concealed packages, is why several AVs flag installer that is Tencent spyware or PUP?


Despite its name, Tencent PC Manager can be an anti-virus software that has described itself as most useful of its sort as it also has seven relevant international certifications to back its workup. It also claims to have the security cloud base that is largest around thus it manages to safeguard your PC not just from viruses but also from rootkits, malware, spyware and other threats.

The app can identify and also fix the performance issues encountered in your PC. It and notifies you of any suspicious content detected as you download a file, this app examines. All in all, Tencent PC supervisor can provide a handy solution for several those looking to help keep their PC malware-free without needing to use software that complex. It combines into the context menu of Windows Explorer; you decide on so you can effortlessly scan whatever file or folder.

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