Portable PeaUtils 1.2 (32 & 64 Bit) Free Download

Portable PeaUtils 1.2 (32 & 64 Bit) Free Download

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Portable PeaUtils 1.2 is a free suite that offers a wide variety of file management tools, a Swiss army knife tool for calculating checksum values ​​(CRC32, CRC64), hash algorithms (MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA3-356), compare two byte-to-byte files, view a hexadecimal preview of a file, split files/merge spanned volumes, securely erase data – both records and files and Disk space removal is free. To use the application, open it by clicking the program link or the pea.exe file in the system folder, drag one or more files (or use the open default file) and find only the function listed in the list with items to run. Alternatively, the Windows variant that is optionally installable during installation produces a submenu in the context menu of the system, which quickly uses a customizable list of the most commonly used file management tools (eraser, integrity checker).

Open Source (LGPLv3), free for private and professional use Portable PeaUtils Free Download is a spin-off of the PeaZip project, designed to provide an intuitive and incredibly simple disposable GUI for easy access to log management functions. The system can be obtained for Microsoft Windows and Linux (desktop neutral) systems and is also available as a portable software that does not require installation, useful for distributing the full set of functions when it is not possible to access the software from the host computer that is being installed.

Another feature of Portable PeaUtils allows you to examine files or folders to find out their size, the modification date, and the last additional attributes, together with the contents of the directory. It also reveals possible compression, which allows you to save all this data in a TXT or CSV report. You can split them using Portable PeaUtils if you have too large files on your computer. Alternatively, the application allows you to join files that can stretch quickly. Next, Portable PeaUtils also works with a byte-to-byte matching utility, which will enable you to view the differences when considering two files. Also, sensitive information can be permanently deleted for the specific purpose of Portable PeaUtils.

To use the application, open it from a program that presses the link or the pea.exe file in the system folder, drags one or more files or folders onto it (or use the open default file) and find only that the function is performed on the listed items. Alternatively, during the installation windows, the variation that can be installed can optionally produce a submenu in the system context menu, providing quick access to a customizable list of all standard file management tools (eraser, integrity check).

Options provided with PeaZip include extraction, creation, and conversion of multiple archives simultaneously, creation of self-extracting archives (SFX), division of files, secure encryption with two-factor authentication, encrypted password management, secure deletion, search for duplicate files, calculation of hash, export the job definition as a command-line script.

.Download Portable PeaUtils 1.2


How it’s’s Work:

Open PeaUtils; just click the program’s shortcut or on pea.exe file in the application’s folder. Pick one or more files or folders on it, or use “select files” to open standard system, or click “Search” to start standard system search dialog – then just drag and drop search matches on the application. Select a function from the “Function” drop-down menu. Usually, file tools work on multiple records and data; exceptions are:

  • File split, File join, and Hex preview takes only a file that is the single input
  • Compare two files byte to byte, accepts 1 or 2 files as input; in the first instance, the procedure will request choosing the data that is second the standard dialog
  • Secrecordsurely space that is deleting is free, and Zero deleted free space, doesn’t accept files, and records input. When those functions were chosen, the operating system displays a summary of available disk devices to perform the procedure that is required (Windows only)
  • Display environment series does perhaps not need input.

System Requirements:

Windows XP/ Windows XP 64 bit/ Windows Vista/ Windows Vista 64 bit/ Windows 7/ Windows 7 64 bit/ Windows 8/ Windows 8 64 bit/ Windows 10 and Windows 10 64 bit.

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