Network Monitor II 24.3 (x64 & x32) Free Download

Network Monitor II 24.3 (x64 & x32) Free Download

Network Monitor II 24.3 (x64 & x32) Free DownloadNetwork Monitor II 24.3 Gadget Windows 7 is just a Windows widget providing you with your information concerning the system connection that is current. You can view the community information and traffic regarding the internet protocol address entirely on your desktop without installing other network monitoring tools. The widget has software that is customizable enables you to change its size and the information that is displayed. There are two styles available by default, but you may also alter the colors of every element so that you can match your desktop theme. You expected you could restore the default settings with just one simple click if you create a significant amount of changes, but the effect just isn’t what.


Network Monitor Gadget Windows 10 shows the operating system status in real time, supports multi-core processors, since well as individual displays the task of all of the CPU cores whiles the use of physical memory. The system saves the data to a log and has now the ability to display settings and monitor the component base that is appropriate. Besides, it also shows the title that is full of the processor, its timing and reads the exact temperature of the core.

The network usage and the instant upload or download rate among the information that exhibited widget you will get the local or the external IP address. Also included are details about bandwidth use. The traffic counter enables you to conserve the information and knowledge automatically if the application is power down. The traffic counter allows you to save the info immediately when the application is shut down.

The Info key stretches the given information provided by the widget with data related to the system interface such as the MAC address, the Web gateway and the DNS server that can be used by the computer. The widget provides you with detailed information regarding the owner of the current internet protocol address when you put the mouse cursor throughout the banner displayed on the medial side that is appropriate. Network Monitor II is a system that is the fully customizable provider that is easy in design but has all of the functions that you need to monitor the network traffic for your personal computer.

ScreenShot:Network Monitor II 24.3 (x64 & x32) Free Download

Key Features:

  • Click on GW/Int.IP (in a side that is suitable for switch show between Gateway and Internal internet protocol address
  • Click on Info for show information that is additional flyout window, click again – close fly away window
  • When you have more than one Internal IP click Int.IP (in a left that is correct for switching between Internal IPs. Above this string, if it takes place if cursor changed to pointer when you move it.
  • Move mouse over the country flag for show information that is additional.
  • Move mouse over “Current” or “Total” for view summary traffic
  • Click on connection identification icon (or/and) for switch between connection type
  • In flyout window click on every element for copy element that is matching clipboard
  • Click refresh icon for refresh device
  • Double click background shall show Network and Sharing Center


  • Device end
  • New variation install
  • Delete folder gadget
  • Sidebar end
  • Sidebar begin

Other Features:

  • Show both internal and IP that is external to your personal computer.
  • Display total bytes that are downloaded/uploaded and downloaded/uploaded bytes of the current session.
  • Show downloads speed, upload speed and use that is the web.
  • Support both wired network and community that is wireless.
  • Auto revision if internal/external IP changed.
  • Plus much more
  • Customize the text color of each element regarding the user interface.
  • Save traffic counters to file that is outside.

What’s New?

  • It allows you to show DNS in the primary display.
  • Fixed bug in settings.

System Requirements:

  • It requires OS: Windows Vista/ Windows Vista 64 bit/ Windows 7/ Windows 7 64 bit
  • It only requires Local Network Area Connection or Wireless Connection


Network Monitor II 24.3 is a community that is the fully customizable provider that is straightforward in design but has most of the functions that you might need to monitor the network traffic for your computer.

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