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Meta 1.9.6 Free Download For (Mac OS X) Latest Version

Meta 1.9.6 Free Download For (Mac OS X) Latest Version

Meta 1.9 - Mac Torrents


Meta 1.9.6

Meta allows you to manage your ever-growing collection of digital music. Meta allows you to effectively edit information such as song artist, title, album, album art, and more. It supports change on many platforms such as audio recordings such as mp3, mp4, m4a, FLAC, Ogg, OGA, SPX, WAV, AIFF, and many different ID3v1 metadata formats including ID3v2.4, iTunes MP4, Vorbis Comments and APE tags.

Working with Meta is extremely easy, especially since the layout is very intuitive. Each feature is where you expect to find it, and the operations that can usually be performed in simple steps that many users need to be aware of. It is almost always easier to process multiple files at the same time as you change tracks, such as musician and album name, and you can really edit each product individually. To do this, you can simply select all the important numbers, replace certain documents with multiple at once. Or you can change the file name used and vice versa.

Key Features:

  • A simple, built-in user interface that comes with MacOS standards
  • Group changes: Apply corrections to several files at a time.
  • Preview audio and video without creating a Meta and use a quick look.
  • Adjust or export album art quickly, it is the use that causes it.
  • Adjust artwork (scale, cut, and compress) on request or automatically after recording brand new artwork to keep the songs as low as possible.
  • Perform transitions in sequence.
  • Take advantage of built-in document management (go, delete, show in Finder)
  • Track generated automatically
  • Rename files, extract labels from file names, or create folders with even specified metadata patterns.
  • Find and replace texts or terms that may be ordinary.
  • The software works for retina screens

It’s easy to set or move album art with drag and drop, which allows you to adjust Meta to scale, plant, and compress images every time a new set is created, keeping the size of your audio file low.


  • Added general selections to clear the list as you drag. When selected, new files will be replaced to add them to the list. Holding down the Option key as you drag will temporarily cancel this behavior.
  • The “Create Folders” feature now also applies to NTFS / CIFS clearing settings on the folder names.
  • Added important equivalents to “Configure Graphics” โ‡งโŒ˜J, “Track Numbering” and global string changes.
  • The main equivalents for “Rename Files” and R and “Convert to Tags” changed.
  • Terminate iTunes are now separated by commas when paired in the Metadata Database.
  • When you export a playlist or artwork, the original export location is based on the selected file.
  • If no changes are saved, Meta will now display an error and offer to correct all records for permission to register immediately.

System Requirements:

OS X 10.8 or later plus 64-bit processor

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