Media Player Classic Home Cinema 1.7.13 (x86/x64) Win/Mac Free Download

Media Player Classic Home Cinema 1.7.13 (x86/x64) Win/Mac Free DownloadMedia Player Classic Home Cinema 1.7.13 (x86/x64) Win/Mac Free DownloadMedia Player Classic Home Cinema 1.7.13

If you’d like an option to Windows Media Player that plays more or less every type of audio and video file and it is commonly customizable and flexible sufficient to serve many functions, including DVD and Blu-Ray player, you only have a couple of choices, and one of them is Media Player Classic. Media Player Classic Home Cinema 1.7.13 (x86/x64) Free compact, yet efficient software to relax and play around all formats of video and audio. This application based on Media Player Vintage and one of the better collections of multimedia codecs built and takes many formats of audio and video files without installing codecs that are external.


The interface in Media Player Classic Home Cinema 1.7.13 seems to motivated in the oldest variations of Windows Media Player. But besides that, Media Player Classic does not have such a thing for Microsoft’s player. It is a powerful media tool that can play nearly any format you’ll consider, and also features an array that is surprisingly vast of. The application of various facilities such as playing DVD, the chance for working with a second monitor, graphics card compatible with the generation that is latest worldwide, the capability to decode traditional format H.264, carries a variety of formats, subtitles, multiple language support, and graphical user interfaces simple and … is gorgeous. You can further make use of this application as a player DVB.

Media Player Classic 1.7.13 has a built in DVD player with real-time zoom, QuickTime, and RealVideo support, support for AVI subtitles; built-in MPEG2 /DVD/ SVCD codec. Media Player Classic for Mac was created and currently maintained by a programmer named “Gabest.” Ir is a mod of Media Player Classic design for home cinema use. Watch films on any SSE CPU, even on your computer that is old straight back ’99. With its array that is wide of, MPC-HC can be individualized to fit just about any needs. Among other things, we added custom toolbars.

Decoding Supported:

It supports MPEG-1 and MPEG-4 plus playback that is MPEG-2. Media Player Classic is capable of SVCD, VCD and DVD playback, without the need to install any software that is extra codecs. It has built-in codecs for MPEG – 2 video and codecs for MP2, LPCM, AC3 and DTS sound, and also incorporates a MPEG that is improved splitter supports playback of VCDs and SVCDs which consists of SVCD / VCD/ XCD Reader. A.mp4 that is and MPEG-4 Timed Text support included. An AAC decoding filter does MPC suitable for AAC playback in MP4. MPC Home Cinema also has H.264, and VC – 1 with DXVA support, Xvid, DivX, and Flash Video formats will come in MPC-HC. MPC can also make use of the QuickTime and the RealPlayer architectures.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema 1.7.13 (x86/x64) Win/Mac Free Download

Media Player Classic Home Cinema 1.7.13 Free can also directly reach files from video-capture devices as well as other sources. An instant Open File option why don’t we instantly browse to and launch files. MPC-HC’s filters list adds the open-source Matroska file class (MKV). Having just tested an MKV converter, we’d files which are several hands to play in MPC-HC, which managed them well. But, we threw at it as it always has; MPC-HC handled everything. It remains an option that is top an improved media player for Windows.

Playback options are visible, in addition to the amount and progress sliders. By standard, you merely gain access to the formerly mentioned elements and preview sections, with the possibility to bring up other features that the. One of the features that are a must for any news player can also discover here. A playlist manager could bring up so you can later load you can make a listing with different selections. The application form lets you import other playlist formats, as well as from Windows Media Player. Besides, you can set files you frequently perform as favorites, so you don’t have to bring up a playlist that is entirely one element or browsers throughout your computer.

Key Features:

  • Option to remove Tearing
  • Support for EVR (Enhanced Video Renderer)
  • Excellent support for Windows Vista, containing a launch for 64 bits platform
  • Supports Subtitles
  • Creation of minidump when MPC HC crashes
  • Playback and recording of television in cases where a supported TV tuner installed
  • OSD (On Screen Display)
  • Support Multi-Monitor configuration
  • Shuttle PN31 control support that is remote
  • Pixel shader to convert BT601 – BT701
  • Language Translations
  • YV12 Chroma Upsampling pixel shader
  • Radio control for Android devices
  • Every feature from the Guliverkli MPC Project of Gabest

What’s New?


  • Switched from mhook to MinHook as it more earnestly maintained
  • Include context menu choice to copy subtitle URL
  • Need a CPU processor with SSE2 guidelines
  • Updated translations


  • It Updated LAV Filters to v0.70.2
  • Updated MediaInfoLib to v0.7.97
  • It Updated Little CMS to v2.8 (d41071e)
  • Updated ZenLib to v0.4.35
  • Updated Unrar to v5.5.6


  • Scale MediaInfo features tab text precisely on high DPI


  • Support for lots of formats
  • Support for subtitles
  • Additionally, plays DVD movies
  • Light on system resources


  • You might find the software too simple


  • Download and the run file
  • First, of most, you have to choose the installer language,
  • Later locate the location for the program folder, choose whether to produce a Start Menu folder or not and to incorporate icons that are the new desktop icon.
  • The installer also shows choice to add elements like Icon library and Translations, which you can select based on your wish. It’s compatible with: Windows XP/7 /Vista /8 for both 32 & 64 Bit.


There seem to be numerous well-known news players available in the market, then MPC-HC might amaze you with its easy-to-use interface also some handy features if you are looking for a pleasant change. Moreover, it’s free, to help you surely get ahead and make use of it.

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