LockHunter 3.2.3 + Portable 64/32 Latest Free Download

LockHunter 3.2.3 + Portable 64/32 Latest Free Download

LockHunter 3.2.3 + Portable 64/32 Latest Free Download

LockHunter 3.2.3 Portable is a tool that is free can assist you to gain access to up to a locked file, ideal if (as an example) you need to delete some malware component but Windows claims you cannot. Then, your next action ought to be to right-click it and choose “What is securing this file? If you need to make a move with a particular file and receive an “in use” error,” LockHunter will likely then pop up to tell you which procedures are accessing the file.

LockHunter 3.2.3 Free Download is helpful for fighting against spyware, and other programs which are blocking files without reason. Unlike other comparable tools, LockHunter deletes files into the recycle container if deleted in error so you could restore them. It also shows which processes are securing a folder or file and allows one to unlock, delete, copy or rename a locked file. Unlike other related tools, it deletes files into the recycle container if deleted in error so you could restore them.

LockHunter 3.2.3 + Portable Latest Download

LockHunter 3.2.3 32/64 Bit Windows includes a quantity of features offered to erase, content, and records which deleted. Also, it detects and checks out the correct title of the procedure and also erases the drive that is hard with the user’s consent). The program completely integrated with Windows Explorer and when launched it is accessible through the context menu. It works among both 32 and 64 bit systems. LockHunter is great at working with the removal of spyware. LockHunter 3.2.3 has a straightforward and easy interface that is intuitive will perhaps not trouble you.

What’s more, you might be permitted to send all applications that are launched from the chosen file or delete the procedures which are securing the disk and use command-line functions for managing the tool. Since it doesn’t comprise the configuration that is many, also rookies can master the process with just a couple of clicks. Therefore it doesn’t burden the overall performance of the computer, nor interfere along with other programs’ functionality as it might expect from this type of small energy, it continues to be light on system resources.

LockHunter 3.2.3 + Portable 64/32 Latest Free Download

LockHunter 3.2.3 Features:

  • Deleting files at next operating-system restart: LockHunter does it better to remove a file or a folder forcibly. However, in some situations, Windows does not allow one also to remove it if all connections towards the archive closed.
  • Car look for improvements: the scheduled system now automatically checks for improvements once in 5 times. Besides, you’ll manually check for improvements via “Menu -> always check for updates” menu item.
  • Displaying more information: When you check “More details” choice you can view much secret information on the process: procedure ID, service title (just in case if it is a Windows solution) and a method command line.
  • Multi monitor support: LockHunter now behaves precisely for a multi monitor system. Additionally, the scheduled system presets its coordinates between restarts.
  • Unified installer for 32 and 64 bit: Soon you are doing not require to determine which procedure system sort you have actually. Just install the driver that just utilizes it on any Windows beginning from XP.
  • Capability to copy information to clipboard: just press “Ctrl+C” at a procedure or even a file or right-click plus choose “Copy to clipboard” to be able to place all provided information concerning the process to the clipboard.

Other Features:

  • Shows processes locking a folder or file
  • Allows to unlock, copy, delete or rename a locked file
  • Gives you detailed home elevators the process
  • Can remove a file at next OS restart
  • Allows to remove processes that are securing steep drive
  • Permits to destroy process that is locking
  • Can DLLs that unloaded from
  • It deletes files into the recycle bin; therefore you might restore them if deleted in error
  • Integrates directly into Explorer menu
  • Supports both 32 and 64 bit Windows

What’s New in LockHunter 3.2.3?

  • Unsuccessful operation. Locate a list of exit codes in the”delperm that is handbook command line added. It allows one to permanently delete a file without taking it towards the Recycle Bin.

System Requirements:

  • All Windows Version Download
  • 7MB RAM.
  • 3 MB HDD.


To sum things up, LockHunter provides a simple software that is yet efficient with regards to eliminating locked files from your personal computer. It can be quickly configured and installed by various types of users, aside from their experience degree.

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