CCProxy 2018.01.23 Crack + Keygen Latest Free Download

CCProxy 2018.01.23 Crack

CCProxy 2018.01.23 Crack + Keygen Latest Free DownloadCCProxy 2018.01.23 Crack is easy-to-use and proxy server that is effective. It can support dial-up, broadband, DSL, satellite, optical fiber, ISDN and DDN connections, it helps you build your proxy server and share Internet connection within the LAN actually and directly. CC Server that is proxy can act as an HTTP, SOCKS, FTP, email, telnet, news, and HTTPS proxy server. CCProxy Full Crack had initially designed for modem sharing within a LAN. CCProxy IP address server has now been expanded to help to share web connection for many other types, such as DSL sharing, cable modem sharing, wireless sharing, satellite sharing, moms and dad proxy server connection sharing, Wi-Fi internet sharing and more. When there is a computer within a LAN that will access the Internet. All the other computers on the LAN can access the Internet via this proxy IP address server PC software.

CCProxy Keygen may make savings which are great your business when it comes to hardware and web connection fees. You can only set the proxy services up and therefore the protocols that square measure provided towards the other LAN computers. The consumer will merely always check the service and enter the port range for services like FTP and transfer protocol that is hypertext. It measures that is square that square measure applied to any or most of the computers on the network, but you’ll be able to customize the access to individual users conjointly. The benefit of getting a proxy server becomes prepared to distinguish the ongoing services that square measure on the market to different teams of users. This run is incredibly helpful after you measure that is large square systems and a restricted information measure that must allot to various groups of users.

Proxy Server Software with Crack

The MAC-addresses, name/password, and user group plus Supported by the United CCProxy from Windows Active Directory by the power management tools are a few approaches to control the online world connection of the neighborhood system: addresses on IP-and their range. Features web-filtering and filtering that are content restrict client access to select sites – so employees will not be distracted from the work and small users will protect from inappropriate content. Time setting option is in charge of monitoring the period of the activities that are online. The proxy allows assigning different services to users which can be different. For example, some of them are settled just web that is viewing, although some – only the exchange of electronic correspondence. Bandwidth Management simplifies controls Internet speed that is searching purchase to limit the consumption of online traffic.

Monitoring and logging access that is online users a summary of Internet activity. They’ve been even in a position to select just what websites they offer access for, which sites the server shall block, or whether they restrict the bandwidth available to specific customers. You can also distribute an Internet connection with the default tool from the operating system. Nevertheless, the proxy host allows you to better control the distribution of this ongoing solution among the LAN computers. It could not be necessary within your house nonetheless it is a fundamental requirement in a company environment where the total amount of resources and costs is an issue that is permanent. Access logging and access that is online can help you record the clients’ Web access activities.

CCProxy 2018.01.23 Crack + Keygen Latest Free Download


It features account that is powerful functions, including online access control, Internet filtering, bandwidth control, content filtering and time control.  It provides web caching, access logging, online access monitoring and bandwidth use data functions.

  • Modem, ADSL, ISDN, Cable Modem, Satellite, Wi-Fi, and DDN, and so on supported.
  • Port Mapping helped.
  • HTTP, Secure (HTTPS), Gopher, FTP, Telnet, SOCKS4/5, RTSP, News (NNTP) and MMS proxy supported.
  • Bandwidth control flexibly manages the traffic usage of customers.
  • Web cache can enhance speed that is browsing. The size and time that the refresh of cache quickly changed.
  • The schedule can control the clients effortlessly’ on-line time (access time control).
  • URL filtering prevents users from downloading files with designated extensions via IE.
  • Web filter can ban the web that is specified or content; it can also name specific web sites for browsing.
  • Parent proxy server function allows CCProxy Key Generator to get to the Internet via another proxy.
  • There are seven kinds of account authentication: IP address, MAC address, IP range, User Name/Password, MAC + User Name/Password, IP + User Name/Password and internet protocol address + MAC.
  • Dial-On-Demand, remote dial-up and auto disconnect supported.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7/8/8.1 plus ten both 32 and 64 bit and x86 CPU.
  • 2 GB Disk Space and .NET Framework 4.0.
  • OpenGL 3.0 and 2 GB RAM.

Activation Process:

  • Download CCProxy from the links.
  • After downloading Run setup file and wait.
  • Now use activation code for activation.
  • Or use crack for lifetime activation.
  • Wait for successful installation message.
  • Click on finish, enjoy and share.

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