GOM Audio Portable [Latest] Free Download

GOM Audio Portable

GOM Audio Portable [Latest] Free DownloadGOM Audio Portable is a music player based on the GOM Media Player. It is meant to handle all your audio: MP3s as well as other files, CDs in the tray, and Internet radio and streams. It supports most formats that are sound including AAC files saved as M4As and high-quality and lossless formats like WAV and FLAC. As well as skins, playlists, and plug-in support, GOM Audio offers an equalizer, A-B repeat, playback speed control, and effects like reverb and sound that surround. Regarding supported formats, GOM Audio can play nearly just about any music file you throw at it: MP3, M4A, FLAC, OGG, WAV, MID, WMA, PLS, APE, Audio CDs; audio recordings encoded in AAC can play when saved as M4A.

GOM Audio plus Apk Free Download

GOM Audio Portable comes having a list that substantial of r / c, organized by genres; you not limited to them. Your need may open any broadcast. Any reliable and contemporary player that is audio find a way to manage playlists and GOM Audio is not inferior in this respect.  Playlists can expose in multiple tabs within the window that is primary you can create playlists in various formats (M3U, ASX, PLS, M3U8). GOM Audio’s standard skin has six display that differs from selecting from, and you will change your skin entirely by choosing a new one from the choices window. Also, it provides sync lyrics for sound playback, to tune into music while after the words.

Then upload them if no lyrics are available, you can enter your words making use of the Sync Lyrics Editor and. Moreover, through the GOMPod Service, you can tune into podcasts that are popular streaming or downloading them. GOM Audio also lets you utilize the ‘My Profile’ feature to link to your GOM ID. By having a GOM ID, you can handle your synced lyrics by uploading/editing them plus the other details of your account that is personal within my Profile menu. These lyrics that synced shared betwixt your Computer along with your mobile device. Crossfading effects, ‘currently playing’ desktop notification, shell integration, customizable shortcut keys, playback speed adjustments, pitch correction, reverb and normalize results, 3D surround is some of the other advantages that the application sold. Moreover, its functionality can enhance making use of plugins being various.

GOM Audio Portable [Latest] Free Download


100% free:

  • GOM Audio is free to download, install, and use for as long as you want. No strings connected.

Tune into Internet Radio:

  • Several internets that is accessible stations come pre-loaded for convenient listening, and just like GOM Media Player, GOM Audio can start and play channels of real-time broadcasts from all over the world that hosted online.

Paying attention to podcasts with GOMPod Service:

  • You can pay attention to favorite podcasts in most significant languages GOM that is using Audio. Decide to try paying attention to podcasts by downloading or streaming them. You may also bookmark your podcasts that are favorite.

Sync and edit words:

  • GOM Audio features sync lyrics that displayed with your music. Then upload them if there are no sync lyrics available, you will make your words with the Sync Lyrics Editor and.

My Profile connected to your GOM ID:

  • By having a GOM ID, you’ll manage your synced words by uploading/editing them and the other details of your account that is personal within my Profile menu. The additional benefit is that your particular synchronized lyrics will provide in the middle of your PC and device that is mobile.

Low Resource Usage:

  • It does not take much to run GOM Audio, so you won’t require to close other programs or micro-manage your resource use to play your music smoothly. You can even use GOM Audio’s Mini Player mode to lock playback settings to the taskbar for simple access and reduced clutter on your display screen.

Power Options:

  • Automatically shut down, restart, or put your personal computer to sleep as soon as your playlists reach the end. Fall asleep while listening to music without worrying regarding the PC being on all evening.

Mobile GOM Audio available:

  • GOM Audio can found on an Android version, which features the same functions as those of the PC version, including sync words, editing, GOMPod Service, as well as our cloud solution. Now try listening to music quickly with GOM Audio anytime, anywhere, on mobile devices using our widget and through the lock screen.

Connect with GOM Remote:

  • You’ll control GOM Player with GOM Remote. It consists of functions which can be fundamental such as going forward/back, play, and pause. It also incorporates advanced features, such as opening files, searching, and Computer power control.

Choose Your Skin:

  • GOM Audio’s default skin has six display that is dissimilar to choose from, and you can improve your skin entirely by selecting a fresh one from the choices screen.

Authors Note:

General, GOM Audio stable music with some neat features tucked away. You need to use it to listen to the high quality that is audio from a variety of sources. With some features that are of help including the ability to adjust the speed and pitch, and follow along to your chosen tracks with the ‘sync lyrics’ feature, you can observe why GOM sound is a cut above your standard news player. It consumes almost no system resources and the user interface has a design that is easy is easy to navigate around. GOM Audio is additionally skiable so that it looks; you can pick a different skin from the preferences menu if you don’t like how.

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